4Jaeger-LeCoultre’s tradition provides continuing inspirations for the workshop and make them break the traditional limits and pursue the best of the best. Under such creed, Jaeger-LeCoultre takes the lead in the thinner watch and super complication watch fields.

Tourbillon incorporated brand culture and techniques and set off Jaeger-LeCoultre’s proficient skills and advantages to its best. However, the whole process, apart from art and science, reflects humans’ adventurous spirits on various tests during the making process. When facing there difficulties, watch-makers take them as an honor to conquer them. Every excellent tourbillon shows movement collector the dedicated efforts and outstanding watch-making techniques. In order to achieve those development, designers have to reformulate components and developed a brand-new balance spring. All the features on this tourbillon aim at achieving precision, which is the ultimate goal in this industry.

Highly-efficient Winding System
Workshop’s dedication on optimizing the watch formulated and idea and developed it into a excellent automatic winding system. In order to gain the maximum space on the case of this fake luxury watches UK, winding system is fitted with a platinum rotor and everything is visible through the little aperture. With the movement of your hand, platinum will revolves around the bezel and thus winding up the main spring.

Running Minute Repeater
Minute repeater has an important place in the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch industry and would be a big challenge for those designers who purse the best sound and forever precision and reliability.

Minute repeater system is complicate, thus making it a peak in the watch circle. In 1870, Jaeger-LeCoultre decided to develop repeater movement and then began its developing on this old technique. Processing with manual and mechanical way, luxury replica watches will become more precise and reliable. So far to now, Jaeger-LeCoultre has designed and produced 200 movements with minute repeater. It keeps exploring this complicate techniques and rolled out new movements and in the new movement, the main idea is: reformulating and designing minute repeater and make it thinner.