5Because this best rolex replica haven’t the function of switch, so they depend on the Mercedes needle to adjust the calendar. And because it haven’t calendar file, so the calendar of this watch can be back, this is too great.

Take about the calendar we have to say the magnifying glass which set on the calendar, we often namely “bubble”, this bubble can amplify the calendar 2.5 times, not only make the calendar more clear and easy to read, and also evolve the indispensable aesthetics element of oyster watches little by little, When the bubble first introduced it molded in one body with organic glass materials, 70’s in last century, All of the rolex watches began to use the sapphire crystal watch mirror, and the bubble which made with sapphire crystal materials began to set on the watch mirror, equipped with AR Coating, this feature make the calendar more clear and easy to read at any time.

Now; let’s talk about the heart of this wristwatch, Rolex movement embody its exquisite technology. The amount of basal movement is although very few, but every type is the best, just like GMTII, this watch adopt 3186 movement which the predecessor is 3185, both of the movement evolve by the famous 3135 movement, the difference is 3186 use the advanced Rolex Parachrom gossamer

Although this mysterious gossamer present the same blue color as blue steel gossamer, but the material is totally different. It made with Paramagnetic alloy which contained Niobium and zirconium, not only is not affected by magnetic field, its seismic capacity improves about ten times. This type of gossamer was produced by Rolex Company.

Rolex is the symbol of excellence and reliable performance. Rolex watches widely popular with successful people by its style of solemn, practical and not show flashy. rolex swiss replica watches Continuous improvement in the field of watch making. And become the leading brand of quality standards in the world.